Golf Iron Shots – The Surgeons of Your Game

Your golf iron shots are the precision shots in your game.

Taking your eight iron in hand and launching a clean shot, antigua then watching it plop down three feet from the pin is one of the biggest thrills in golf. It is also one of the most critical shots of your entire game. But it is no less critical than parking a long three iron shot on the green to set up a birdie put.
Precision iron usage enables you to dial in your game to put you in the winner box.

Drivers are fun to hit because they are the big bad boys and we just naturally get a rush when watching a ball almost go out of sight.
The putt is a thrill because we like to hear that familiar sound of the ball rattling in the cup.

However, after the drive and before the putt, antiguabarbuda we have to call in the specialty team – our irons – to salvage the sliced results of our drive and to set the ball up for an easy putt.

Irons are the unsung heroes of golf – the clubs taken for granted – aldia and probably the most underutilized clubs in our bag. antiguabarbuda We just do not spend much time learning the personality of each iron and learning to use it to full advantage.

Three things are essential to learn in order for you to be able to utilize your irons.
1. How to set up for each iron…ball position, body position, rindx and distance from the ball
2. How to aim the club for optimum accuracy
3. Knowing the exact distance for each iron


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