What To Look For in Elegant and Simple Engagement Rings

You are in love! The decision to marry has been made, and the exciting search for elegant engagement rings is on! The array of possibilities is endless and it can be either overwhelming or a wonderful adventure. Let’s make it a wonderful adventure by looking at some of the lovely possibilities.

When thinking of resplendent and impressive, the Marquise cut has to be explored. King Louis XIV commissioned designers to find a new diamond that would mimic the sultry smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. Thus this elongated design found its way into the hearts of millions ever since.

It also has a history of how to define the perfect angles for excellence if using a perfect length to ratio of 2-1 to reduce the bow tie effect. In the 1920’s, a study was conducted by a Russian mathematician. By calculating the proportions of the facets, he discovered the ideal balance between light entering a diamond and light leaking from it. The best choices for quality would be “Ideal”, “Very Good” and “Good”. Anything less should be considered.

Since it normally lends grace and elegance to the fingers of the wearer, it became enormously popular. Not only is it a beautifully angled, but it has characteristics such as being relatively inexpensive compared to its rivals. It rests well with accent stones and joins with wedding bands impressively. Obviously, the Marquise would be an excellent choice for someone seeking elegant engagement rings.

Princess settings are also enormously popular for those seeking a classic and impressive look. Whether you love it or hate it, it is a gorgeous sight if the correct angles and cuts are used. Of all the “fancy” cuts, it has gained popularity second only to the round brilliant. It can present itself as a square or rectangular shape, but the length to widths have to be proper.

Tension or “floating” diamond rings are spectacular. Friedrich Becker of Germany discovered a spring loaded method of applying pressure to the stone at only two places on the gem. Thus, it gives the appearance that it is floating or suspended. The wide acceptance of the Tension setting was because the light is able to hit the gem unencumbered, displaying a brilliance up to two grades higher than the actual rating. They are rather expensive though due to the preferred platinum metal used.

One cannot explore superior possibilities without discussion of the numerous Tiffany choices available. The most popular of all settings, it sits high either alone or with accent stones. A setting of this sort is as magnificent as you can achieve. Most call for a round brilliant which becomes so appealing on the fingers of women around the world. Tiffany designs could easily be considered the most elegant engagement rings of all time.


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