How to Create The Perfect Wedding Music Play List

The all important wedding reception really is set apart from the rest of the day in the sense that you and your guests have the opportunity to let their hair done, relax, be less formal and party! Most weddings will use either a band or DJ hire and mobile disco and both these services can take requests, or you can submit a play-list to them prior to the day. Some bands will not be flexible in what they play as most will have a certain style or song list that they know and perform every time. If you hire a DJ they will play anything you want, but do keep in mind what your guests will like and dislike. Even though it’s your wedding, you do need to keep in mind it’s not only going to be you on the dance-floor. I have seen many play-lists and to be honest most of them do look quite similar, but you can take time and put good choice of songs together.

Ask your guests what music they like

There is a lot to do when planning a wedding but when sending out invites why not ask your guests if there any songs that they like and want playing on the night. In effect you’re killing two birds with one stone by combining tow tasks! It’s a good idea to setup a wedding email address account for people to respond to with their favorite songs. You can then pass these emails on to the DJ who can put together a play-list for the disco. As an extra sign of appreciation the DJ could even give a shout out over the mic and dedicate the song to whoever made the request.

Keep to the Theme

If you have a particular theme running throughout the day then you should think of songs that fit in and suit the ambience. Most weddings are traditional but its worth keeping in mind even to suggest to a friend or family member if they need some advice on how to put together a play-list.

Any Guests from Overseas?

If you have guest coming from abroad why not add a few songs that are made in their country. You could surprise your guest by only telling the DJ and not letting them know. You can be sure that this will get them up on the dance-floor.

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