Christmas Parties – Disco – It’s Party Time! Getting the Party Started in Style!

Okay so you’re all set for Christmas right?

You should be, it’s only a few weeks away and you’ve got a lot to do… The shopping, the new dress (all girls must have a new dress for the Christmas Disco, sorry guys!), the food to plan – who’s house are you going to for Christmas Dinner this year? In-laws? You parents? Staying in for a nice cosey family Christmas?

But first…

The Christmas Party!!!

You want a fantastic night the everyone is still talking about well into the New Year, so here are a few tips to get it right…

Plan your Christmas party.

Decide whether you want a big bash with a bar, catering and a DJ, or if you’d rather have a more casual evening with friends. Perhaps you’ll go for something in between. Consult various guests (especially the ones who were there for last year’s Christmas Party and decide on a budget before making up your mind what sort of party it will be.

Get the party on everyone’s calendar (and in the boss’ diary – if he/she is invited).

It’s best to schedule a Christmas party several weeks before Christmas, well before diaries and calendars are filling up with other activities, shopping, family gatherings, their commitments and baking Santa’s cookies. Most importantly – check with parents as they will have the School Christmas Discos to sort out and you don’t want your schedule clashing and losing your guests to other parties!

Make a guest list.

If you’re having a party at home, ask as many people as you can realistically accommodate to a sit-down dinner, or as many people as your house will hold. Don’t try to do more than you can comfortably cope with! You need to be able to enjoy it too!

If you’ve gone for a local venue, make sure you ask how many people the venue can cope with (without being too cramped/crowded). if you can afford it in your budget, pay someone to do some of the leg work and ‘event management for you’ – make sure you get to enjoy it!

The Menu

What will you be eating? Now here’s a tip from a Christmas Party DJ: Don’t make the guests too bloated – they won’t be able to enjoy the dancing afterwards if they are all too full! Don’t forget, they’ll be drinking too and a big meal combined with a few pints will soon have the men (and some of the ladies) wanting to go to sleep! So, consult with the caterer or plan carefully if you are having the party at home.


The last thing you want at your Christmas Party is the same look and feel as you see every day of the year! So let’s get some Christmas decorations happening around your home or your chosen venue. Make your guests feel all ‘Christmassy’ when they arrive.

Get the traditional Christmas tree prepared, lots of candles, table centerpieces (if appropriate) and other holiday decorations and trimmings.

Booze and Food

If you’re hosting the party, make sure you shop in plenty of time and grab some bargains at the supermarket for beer and wine etc., Get stocked up on nibbles to keep your guests happy until the main food is ready.

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