Four Essential C’s to Know About Diamonds

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean women automatically know everything about them. If you want to make sure you come home with the ideal diamond, here are four essential C’s you need to keep in mind.

The Cut

Most people automatically assume that the cut of a diamond refers to its shape when, in truth, its cut pertains to the gem’s reflective qualities. It is considered to be the most essential of all C’s because the right cut can make all the difference in the world and lets your diamond outshine the rest.

Cuts are basically based on a diamond’s proportions. A well-proportioned diamond is sure to have a better cut than one with uneven proportion. The highest grade for a diamond cut is ‘ideal’, followed by ‘premium’, ‘very good’, ‘good’, ‘fair’, and ‘poor’.

The Clarity

This C judges the quality of a diamond in terms of flawlessness. Lower grades are given for those with visible blemishes (surface flaws) and inclusions (internal flaws). Of course, diamonds aren’t easy to create and as such, you’ll have a hard time finding a diamond with near-perfect clarity. If you do, they’re sure to be very pricey!

The first set of grades, in descending order, is as follows: F (flawless), IF (internally flawless), VVS 1 or 2 (very, very slightly included), VS1 or 2 (very slightly included), and SI1 or 2 (slightly included). All these have inclusions invisible to the naked eye but nonetheless have a bearing on the diamond’s overall value.

The second set of grades – I1-3 (included) – is used for diamonds that have visible flaws. These are generally not recommended for purchase.

The Color

A diamond’s color never changes and when it comes to diamonds, the more colorless it is, the greater brilliance it can display. Of course, this particular C is only used for white diamonds; it does not apply to colored diamonds, which can be anything from blue to yellow. Colored diamonds are even rarer and consequently more expensive.

Grades given to appraise the color of a diamond are alphabetical in order, with D being the highest grade possible and continue till Z.

Diamonds with grades D to F are your best choices, but they are naturally the most expensive as well. A diamond with a G color grade is almost as good and its slightest tinge of color will only be visible to experts.

The color of diamonds with lower grades, such as those from J to M, can be offset by using the right setting, such as yellow gold or something similar in shade. But if your setting is platinum or white gold, that would definitely require you to use a diamond with a higher color grade.

The Carat Weight

Although not the most important of all C’s, this is certainly the most talked about characteristic of diamonds. When you hear a famous personality getting engaged, the preferred engagement ring is frequently described according to its carat weight.

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