Brain Draining – A Different Perspective

The concept of Brain draining is very ancient though the term was used in the early 1950 by spokesman of the Royal Society of London. The magnitude of brain draining has increased in this present scenario. Immigration of good individuals abroad to serve other nations is attributed as brain drain. This phenomenon can be observed even in the early history. The super power of every age use good individuals of other nations in their interest. Presently almost all under developed countries are at stake because this is going all over, high qualified professionals are migrating to USA, UK, Canada and other countries, but Pakistan is facing this storm rigorously and it’s getting violent day by day. The desire of youth to get abroad is growing rapidly and this issue is not yet properly addressed.

One of the reasons of this dilemma is due to the unjust environment surrounding good individuals. Housing problem, security threats, health issues, intense inflation, power failure, bribery are some of the reasons which are driving good individuals abroad and leading them to stay permanently. Considerable number of graduates is leaving for abroad every year and very few came back from higher education.

Going for higher education is another thing, but staying there and serving them is what brain draining is. Even in the life time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace. Be.Upon. Him), there was incident when the Prophet (Peace. Be.Upon. Him) sent Muslims on a special mission to ash-Sham (modern day Syria, Jordan and Palestine). Ash-Sham was ruled by Romans, who were Christians and super power of that time; they were highly skilled in military technology. Muslims were sent for special mission to acquire that technology and to use it for the global implementation of Islam. Another example of acquiring technology was through Persians the second world power of that time, Muslims worked for trench technology through Salman Al farsi (May Allah be please with him) and it was used in the Battle of the Trench(khandak) and played an effective role. The difference between the present scenario of Muslims and the Prophet’s Companions’ episode is that they do have a vision while our individuals go abroad for self contentment.

Brain draining notion is very ancient, there is one example from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace. Be.Upon. Him) when the battle of Badr was over, some of the prisoners were released on the condition that they should teach 10 Muslims to read and write, this is the excellent example how the state used other people for educational programs. Another example of brain draining is Sultan Mehmed ‘the conqueror of Constantinople’ when he used a German Orban. Orban was highly skilled in cannon making and arms production that time, he offered his services to Byzantines but Sultan Mehmed very tactfully handled him and offered good reward in return. Sultan provided him a makeshift foundry where he worked and produced the largest cannon of that period called ‘the Great Turkish Bombard’, which was powerful enough to break the fort of Constantinople and this how Sultan achieved great historical victory. Orban’s cannon could carry 1200 lb (544 kg) ball as far as one mile.

Well these are some of the examples how Islam had used non Muslims, it clearly shows us that without vision and motto, one can’t stop brain draining, unless and until the problem is not properly diagnosed. There is need for both Vision and healthy environment for good individuals and this can’t be done if the State does not make itself responsible, if the state will not take this seriously then there is no use of delivering lengthy speeches in various seminars.

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