Will Our Human Body Become Redundant? – An Epidemic of Our Modern World?

Our day-to-day lives have become so sedentary and inactive it has been predicted that we will begin to lose one of our most valuable possessions – our ability to function physically. As the focus shifts from the physical aspect and we live increasingly more from an intellectual and academic perspective the awareness of our human physical needs is declining, and along with it our health.

Many people have become so disconnected from their physical bodies that they have developed distorted insights of how physically active or inactive they really are. Because many people are very busy these days, doing, being, getting and rushing around, they assume that their hectic lifestyle replaces the need for proper exercise.

In our technologically driven modern world with all its labor saving devices, cars and gadgets the human body is in grave danger of becoming surplus to requirements and eventually redundant. At present we have 8 out of 10 people not doing enough activity to keep their muscular system strong.

We also have 50 percent of the population with one chronic ‘lifestyle’ condition and many of them have multiple health issues. So, clearly our habit of sitting for most of the day, both at work and again at home on the couch is not keeping us well and healthy.

Yet when asked how much exercise they did 80 percent of people believe they do enough to keep themselves strong and fit without doing any intentional exercise. Without activity to work our muscles on a regular basis we are not getting the stimulation of ‘growth and repair’ hormones that replace, rebuild, repair and renew old worn out cells and tissues. So we experience premature aging and preventable disease.

Most of the decline experienced in physical functioning as people get older is due to nothing more than inactivity and sedentary lifestyles. The aging process itself has surprisingly little to do with loss of strength, inflexible muscles, weakening bones, stiff joints, poor circulation, negative shifts in body composition (muscle/fat ratio) and deteriorating overall health.

The older we get the less likely people are to be physically active yet we need it more as we get older and with each advancing year it becomes progressively more important to get proper exercise that works our muscular system.

You may feel unmotivated to go to a gym or fitness center a couple of times each week to give your body what it means to stay healthy. Yes, it is inconvenient. But surely given the bad news of a devastating medical diagnosis and the following tests, doctors, drugs, surgery and treatment is way more inconvenient.

Having your life cut short is extremely inconvenient as well. Yet you are 50 percent more likely to get this sort of diagnosis if you do not do enough muscle building and maintaining activity.

Just a couple of sessions each week performed with the right level of intensity (degree of effort) is enough to keep those precious hormones that you need to stay healthy are stimulated. It is without a doubt the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself, the most basic self care, like maintenance on a car.

If you keep up the regular maintenance you will not have to worry about losing your physical strength and function as you can not only maintain but also improve your physical abilities over the course of your lifetime. Imagine being stronger and fitter in your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond that you are/were in your twenties or thirties. Now that is really something to look forward to.


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