Clear Plastic Tubing

There are many different types of packaging and the use of clear plastic tubing is very popular in many commercial industries. These clear plastic tubes are very visually appealing and can instantly display and advertise the products they contain in a very efficient manner.

They are available in many different sizes and thicknesses, and some of the types available are:

o Thin wall tubing
o Heavy wall tubing
o Sealed bottom tubing
o Clear mailing tubes
o Hanging tubes

Mailing tubes offer a high impact way of delivering a personal message, sample or product literature. The unusual or unique shape of these mailing tubes are more noticeable than the average everyday envelope, and being transparent the contents are very easily seen and identified, watch free videos unlike mailing tubes which are manufactured from cardboard. They are available in many different sizes and may also be customized by the use of other standard products.

Thin wall tubing is manufactured with transparent plastic and will usually have polypropylene plugs fitted at both ends. These thin wall tubes are generally used for non-fragile or lightweight items such as balloons, Christmas decorations and posters etc. Thin wall tubes can be obtained in sizes ranging from 3/16 (4mm approx) to 4″ (102mm approx) and can be of almost any length.

Hanging tubes differ slightly from tubes which are plugged at both ends. Hanging tubes are generally plugged at the bottom whilst at the top they are flattened and sealed which allows a built in hanger to be implemented. This enables them to be hung on a rail in a stacking fashion providing easy storage and display of their contents. This type of tubing is used widely in many retail stores.

Sealed bottom tubing is very similar to mail tubing except that the bottom of the tube has no plug and is sealed instead. This provides saving on costs and labour assembly.

Heavy walled tubing is used for the ultimate protection and will also include vinyl caps or plugs for extra durability. Products such as screwdrivers, metal drill bits and other heavier items are easily stored and displayed by the use of this type of tubing.

Other types of clear plastic tubing products can include tubes of a different shape such as oval and square shaped tubes. These tubes can be plugged at both ends or sealed at one end and offer the same applications and qualities of the more conventional round tubing.

Other uses for clear plastic tubes can also include food storage and medical supplies storage, as the use of plastic in their manufacture makes them extremely hygienic.


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